Securitisation of tourism in CHT

New Age asked Dr. Tanzimuddin Khan what he thought of the Home Ministry’s circulars which, while emphasising the attraction deshi and bideshi tourists feel for the natural beauty of Khagrachari, Rangamati and Bandarban, simultaneously proposed measures for ensuring their `security’: tourists need travel permission, they need to submit detailed travel schedules and routes to concerned ministries, security forces should collect information about foreign tourists, check posts and field-level monitoring need to be strengthened etc..

Enforced disappearances and answers to two questions

A couple of questions, in such a situation, naturally come up — why do states continue committing this crime against humanity? And does this dirty method of enforced disappearances, now rising as a global phenomenon having a legacy in the colonial past, mean that we will have to tolerate or turn a blind eye to the issue?